2016 Audition Results

Thanks to all who auditioned last Friday. As you can see, there are several spots yet to be filled.If you are interested in a “to be determined” position, please come to the meeting Wednesday at 3:00 pm. We’ll discuss summer help and music. We do have a place for anyone with a percussion background so even if you’re looking at a new job – come join us!

Percussion Section as determined by auditions.



1 Jared Vickers

2 Dominique Taylor

3 Kendall Preston

4 Esmen Mendozza



1 Cassius Johnson

2 Britany English


Bass Drums   

1 Nabil Patel

2 Jeremiah Dozier

3 Landon Rhode

4 Angela Medina

5 Cam Joyce



1 Molly Waldron

2 To be determined

3 To be determined


Pit Positions   

Mallets 1 – Bells/Marimba – To be determined

Mallets 2 – Marimba 2 – To be determined

Mallets 3 Xylophone – To be determined

Mallets 4 – Vibes – To be determined

Drum Kat Tympani and Effects – T. K. McIver

Piano 1 – Ashiana Furtado

Piano 2 (football only) – Matthew Collier

Guitar (football only) – Jett Voorhees

Bass Guitar – Gracee Myers

Trap Set (football only) – C.J. Johnson

Pit Cymbals/Auxiliary Perc. 1 – To be determined

Pit Cymbals/Auxiliary Perc. 2 – To be determined


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