Fall Trip Details Announced


Fall Trip Details – This trip is OPTIONAL!

Friday, December 16, 2016 (this was originally on November’s calendar for 18th and 19th…Play-off games forced a move to the next available weekend)


Trip Cost

$120.00 for students with parents that volunteered this fall

$145.00 for other guests with no discount for volunteering


All payments for this trip are due to Mr. Myers by Friday, December 9 before the end of school so final reservations may be completed.


Trip itinerary –

Leave from CHS by 4:00 P.M.

Stop on the way to Tampa and have a fast food supper (not included in the price)

11:00 P.M. – check in at hotel

8:00 A.M. – Breakfast at the hotel, check out and load bus

9:00 A.M. – leave for the park

9:30 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. in park, $20.00 for two meals is included and will be distributed before we get off the bus

8:00 P.M. – leave for Douglas, one stop for restroom break is expected, snacks are your choice on your budget

12:30 A.M. – estimated arrival time



Travel Plans: Dalton, GA – Nov 25


CHS Band Official Announcement:
Friday, November 25, 2016
Playoff Game against Dalton High School

Dalton High School
112 Cappes Street
Dalton, GA 30720

  • Band Members should arrive at CHS around 7:50am.
  • We will have a brief practice at 8:00am.
  • Bus will be loaded and wheels rolling at 8:30am. (We will be taking 4 buses this trip.)
  • We plan to stop (bathroom) at a rest area in Macon. Then another stop (bathroom/food) just above Atlanta.
  • The CHS Band Boosters will be covering one meal.
  • Band members will also receive their $5.00 food allowance to assist with another meal.
  • Band members are encouraged to wear layers and dress warmly. Gloves are allowed.
  • We will be returning to Douglas after the game. Travel updates will be posted to our Facebook Page as we make our way home.

2016 Drum Majors

Drum Major results are as follows:

Sage Joiner is our Drum Major for Competition,

Ashton Hill is our Assistant  Drum Major for the football band performances.


2016 Audition Results

Thanks to all who auditioned last Friday. As you can see, there are several spots yet to be filled.If you are interested in a “to be determined” position, please come to the meeting Wednesday at 3:00 pm. We’ll discuss summer help and music. We do have a place for anyone with a percussion background so even if you’re looking at a new job – come join us!

Percussion Section as determined by auditions.



1 Jared Vickers

2 Dominique Taylor

3 Kendall Preston

4 Esmen Mendozza



1 Cassius Johnson

2 Britany English


Bass Drums   

1 Nabil Patel

2 Jeremiah Dozier

3 Landon Rhode

4 Angela Medina

5 Cam Joyce



1 Molly Waldron

2 To be determined

3 To be determined


Pit Positions   

Mallets 1 – Bells/Marimba – To be determined

Mallets 2 – Marimba 2 – To be determined

Mallets 3 Xylophone – To be determined

Mallets 4 – Vibes – To be determined

Drum Kat Tympani and Effects – T. K. McIver

Piano 1 – Ashiana Furtado

Piano 2 (football only) – Matthew Collier

Guitar (football only) – Jett Voorhees

Bass Guitar – Gracee Myers

Trap Set (football only) – C.J. Johnson

Pit Cymbals/Auxiliary Perc. 1 – To be determined

Pit Cymbals/Auxiliary Perc. 2 – To be determined


2015-16 Trojan Discount Card


Attention Local Businesses:
The CHS Band is working on their 2015 Trojan Discount Card. If you would like to be a participating merchant, please complete and return the form. (Click in the link below for the form.) There is no cost to be on the Trojan Card. We simply ask that you honor your free or discounted service/good for one year. (Details are on the form.)

As always, thanks for being a supporter of the CHS Band and Band Boosters.


2015 Trojan Discount Card Form